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Fractal Realms

This is a deeply meditative sacred multidimensional experience with shamanic trance music and vocals.

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Blu-ray for International Residents


I purchased and listened to the Fractal Realms meditation and video...I'm speechless...I think my whole body just received a massive download. There were moments I thought I could see through God's eyes, that is how powerful the images were. Sacral and solar plexus were activated at times. It is like everything is expanding with no obstacles and no borders or limits. I couldn't feel the back of my head when I was breathing in...no borders and the breath linked it to my heart. Feelings of expansion in my heart.. It was so cool.
Adina Nistor, Psychotherapist
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Working with the fractal patterns that underlie all of creation enables us to develop our intuition to an elevated state and catalyzes coherence through an embodied experience of sound, and a "plug-in" to multi-dimensional sources of light, information and transmutation (internally generated as well as externally or both). I highly recommend this exquisite combination of mathematics, sound, movement, and multi-dimensional access.
Lisa Schwarz, M.Ed

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Frames From the Video Fractal Realms

Click on the title to see the full frame. Can you imagine how this will move in the video?