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Wow! I am honoured to have been given a sneak peek at my immensely talented friend Brenda Molloy's mesmerising film Fractal Realms. You are going to LOVE it! What a journey!
Peta Morton
Reiki and Mindfulness Teacher
Author of Ancient Teachings for Modern Times

I was privileged to watch the video you, Jack, and Byron made. It was just a wonderful experience that is so hard to put in words. My body, mind and spirit were all moved and changed in a positive way. My body became very relaxed and pain free, my mind was entranced with the beautiful art and music and my spirit was joy filled. What an amazing piece of work that I feel will be influential in healing the planet. I can’t wait for it to be available to everyone.
Ann Allen
Littleton, CO

I Struggle to even explain how beautiful and powerful and truthful is it. The music associated with it is tremendous. It is the perfect complement. There were several times when I thought the video was going to end and I found myself hoping that it would just keep going on. Of course everyone will bring their own interpretation of what they see and feel. For me, I saw it beginning with the Divine feminine, merging with divine masculine, bringing us to not only new creations but planets and places that we never would’ve thought possible. All of Brenda’s work is created with inspiration & universal vibration. We are vibrational beings. Her art and especially this video will always meet you where you are. It gives you what you need. Every time you re-experience her art, it’s a unique adventure because you’re a different person, in different vibrational space. We learn and we grow and we change. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.  I highly recommend that you set aside some time to relax and enjoy this stunning piece.
Diane O'Neill
Reiki Master